Jewish Ethics about Laziness – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Ruthy Levy Kadi Why does a person fall? So they can get back up again. Life has its ups and downs. It’s not a straight ride. So, if someone tries to have self discipline, they should not give up. If they fall, they just get back up again and not give up.
“Yawn, just another Sunday morning,” I think when I woke up. “I could just stay and lie here all day,” I think while snuggling up in my blanket. “It’s 11am and I’m the only one who is still in bed and not up. But why should I?” I think. “It’s Sunday, a no-school day and it’s just sooo cozy here…”
Laziness is something that destroys our generation. If someone has self discipline and gets up that Sunday it might not seem like the winning choice at that time, but, later on, you will see how much you really gained.