Inspiring Stories on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Rivky Samel “Hello?” Lilly screamed into the phone. “Are you there?” “Yeah, what’s up?” Dina said in a low faint voice. Dina had been sick for 2 days already and her “BFF” was calling her. They talked for a long time, but Dina’s voice was getting more and more hoarse. So, they had to hang up. But, before they hung up, Dina said, “I know we are best friends, Lilly. I want to tell you my deepest secret.” She whispered into the phone and they hung up . Lilly was so confused, but very happy that she earned her trust. You have to understand. Dina is the most cool girl and very chic. Lilly was kind of jealous. But, now that Lilly was cool, the following thing happened. The next day in school, Lilly told the whole class that special secret. Now, Dina realized that Lilly was not a true friend at all.