Inspirational Story on Overcoming Challenge – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Yitta Bracha Weinheber Sara is a very good singer. She is going to sing in a very big concert. Sunday was her 1st performance. During her performance she spaced out when it was her turn to sing. “Sara”, the director called out in a whisper. “Oh,” she thought, “How embarrassing.” She began to sing. But, she was singing a different song. “Sara” the director said, “Wrong song.” She immediately began to sing the right song. All of the sudden her voice crocked up. The crowd started laughing. The next day she said, “I’m not going to school.” Her mother said, “It’s your choice.” She went at the end. During their 2nd performance she told herself, “I am going to make sure I am singing the right song and at the right time.” When she got up to sing she acted like nothing happened. She began to sing and she sang it right.