Inspirational Story in Self Control – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Hymie Sasson Two boys come home after school. Abie goes home and eats dinner then goes straight to his room to play Xbox. The other boy, Danny comes home and goes straight to his desk to do his homework. This is an example of two different types of kids; Abie, the lazy one and Danny the more responsible one. You may think that Danny is used to doing this and it’s just a routine. But it’s really not. Danny faces challenges of doing other things such as going on Facebook, talking with his friend on the phone, playing a video game or going to play with his friends outside. The two kids will grow older and eventually have jobs. Danny will be the man that is on time and ready to work while Abie’s habits still remain. Your habits while you are young will contribute to how you live your life when you are older, even the simplest habits.