Inspirational Essay on True Happiness – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Huvi Kadin Being popular is all you may ever think of. That’s what every kid would want. Shira always dreamed of being popular. Every day, when she would walk to school, she would think what is going to happen in school today. One thing always played in her head like a broken tape recorder, “Will I ever become popular?” One day, in school, she sat near the popular kids at lunch. They were talking to her, laughing together and having a great time. She finally felt a slight feeling of popularity. Over the next week she kept feeling more popular. The next week, Shira realized her old friends started ignoring her. Then, the following week Shira’s new popular friends stopped talking to her. She felt like she was thrown in the garbage. She was heartbroken. All she thought now was what I have done? This wasn’t real happiness! Her real happiness was her real old non popular friends. Is it even that important to be popular? All Shira wanted now was her old friends back.