Inspiration Story by teen on Self Control – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Tikva Chamani It’s a hot summer day in June. Sweat drips down your forehead. You pass by an ice cream store and you start imagining an ice cream cone with three flavors covered with hot caramel and chocolate chips on top. “Oh, come on. Just 1 ice cream,…it’s been so long.” “No! Stop it! It will cost you 30 minutes of running on the treadmill. It’s not worth it.”
What would you do if you came across a situation like this?
In this generation, desires are all around you. You must realize that if you don’t work on them now, in the future they will knock you down. Life is not about fun and sugar, but rather about making it through and growing. It’s very hard to control yourself not to go after our desires, but if you manage to take over your bad inclinations, you will feel great after. Don’t let your desires take over your life. Hashem only gives you a nisayon if He knows you can live through it. This shows us that if we come across something we think is impossible in life, we must know that Hashem put you in this situation and you can absolutely overcome it. Try hard and you will succeed.