From the Torah on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Viviane Farca One day a 5th grade class was starting to prepare for the Bridge competition, where they would have to build a bridge and see which one can hold the most weight. The teacher was making groups and one of them was Fortune, Sarah, Allison and Lauren. Each person had a job in the group. The jobs were the director, the tri board designer, the bridge designer and the journalist. Right when they sat down to start discussing; Fortune said, “I am being the director.” Fortune is used to the spotlight because she is always the head of everything. Then Allison said, “I think we should go around and see which girl wants which job.” Fortune thought it wasn’t fair because what if two people want the same job. Allison said that they should see who is best for the job. Before Fortune was about to say how unfair it was, she thought about how she was always the leader of everything and all she does is demand things. She thought about what Allison said and then said, “You know what, I nominate Alison to be director because she has fair ideas.” Everyone else agreed and they won the project excellence award because they worked together.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine