Finding success after failure in performance – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Denise Bildirici Everyone knows you have a really good voice. The popular girl in the class announces there is a singing contest and she is going to win. Your best friend begs you to enter but you don’t listen. At the contest, the popular girl wins and rubs it in your face. The next time there was a singing contest you entered. A few hours before the contest, you back out. Now you feel bad because you think you never had a chance to win. The popular girl wins again and rubs it in your face even more. There was one final contest that year and you signed up. You get on stage and hear a voice inside you saying, “You’ll fail.” You push that voice away, sing and win. A few years later, you are a well-known singer. That would have never happened had you listened to the Yetzer Hara and stopped trying.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine