Essays that Build Persistence – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Yocheved Nussbaum  Shevy was very excited. She was at the edge of the race track ready to start running. The moment the whistle blew she was off running with all her might. She was in 3rd place, now she was in second, now she was in first. She could feel the wind rushing behind her as she thought to herself, “I must win.” She was almost at the finish line. She was going to win. When suddenly she tripped and fell. She could feel the blood rushing up to her face. She saw all the other runners going ahead of her. She was last. She had lost. Everyone was laughing at her. She thought to herself I am never running a race again. “But then,” she thought, “If I give up, I will never succeed.” She thought to herself, next summer I’ll practice even harder. Next summer she won.