Develop Character of Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Joyce Terzi  Rebecca was so excited she was going on Sunday to Great Adventure with all of her friends. All weekend she was excited to go and couldn’t wait for Sunday to arrive. When the girls arrived at the park all they were talking about was all the scary rides they wanted to go on. Rebecca felt very bad because she had a fear of rides. She asked her friends if they could go on a few rides that weren’t as scary. However they said they did not want to waste their time on those baby rides. Rebecca felt very hurt inside. While all her friends were going on all the scary rides she waited on the side of the ride till they got off. While they were all saying how much fun they had, Rebecca regretted that she didn’t face her fear and just go on the ride. She regretted the fact that she was too afraid to go on the ride and wasted her whole day. Rebecca learned that sometimes in life it is important to take risk and face our fears.