Develop Character of Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Michelle Zalta     Every girls loves shopping. Shipping for clothes, shoes, anything. Over the years there are many fads and styles that everyone want to wear. Sometimes many girls simply want to dress like everyone else and follow the ongoing styles of society, out of fear that buying clothes that are not ‘in style’ is going to get them rejected from people and their opinions. However, where does everybody things that the styles come from? The new styles that you saw in a magazine or on social network from someone who went outside their comfort zone. They tried something new and took the risk breaking the comfort. These positive effects of what that person did only happened because she took the risk even if she had a fear of rejection to go to the store and buy the clothes that you love not what everyone else loves. And that eventually will lead to our uniqueness as a person and help to overcome your fears not just of this but others as well. Because conquering fear give you the confidence to conquer other fears as well.