Character Trait of Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sophia Rofe   Rachel’s goal was to become a great actress. One day Rachel was invited to do the play, “Romeo and Juliet”. Rachel practiced for months for this play and now it was finally here. She went on stage and started to say her lines. Right before intermission everyone applauded. During intermission Rachel decided that since she did so well, she didn’t really need to practice her lines anymore. When the play was back on it was Rachel’s lines. She said a few lines, but then she messed up. After Rachel messed up her lines, she tried again, but failed. Then, Rachel ran off the stage. A few months later she was asked to perform in the play “Shakespeare.” When she received this message, at first, she didn’t want to enter. But, then Rachel realized, in life you only fail so that you can try again. The lesson here is that you should never give up, even if you fail terribly, you should always try again.