Character Building Story on Overcoming Obstacles – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Yafit Kamkhehji    Probably the most common fear in life is meeting new people and finding true friends. Fear causes people to feel weak, to feel that they’re not capable of doing things because people are better than they are. You lose the mental strength to try new things to take risks that will help you in life. The one thing people should fear is fear itself. People should confront the fear of meeting new friends by making the moments together count. In school for example, use lunch or breaks to talk to people that you’re not familiar with. Share your opinions and laugh about a joke you heard recently. Never be afraid to act confidently. Be who you are and don’t ever be ashamed of it. You’ll regret the things that you didn’t do. Even if you think you’ll fail tell yourself you never know if it can change your life for better. Even if you fail you can learn from your mistake. Don’t take time for granted and never wait for the right moment. Start fulfilling your dreams now!