Character Building Story – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Merle Dweck     Hands trembling, eyes darting from side to side. Uncertainty washed over me like rain on a stormy day. “What do I do?” I whispered quietly under my breath. I have to convince myself. But, what if I don’t? My heart beats faster even thinking about it. “No,” I tell myself steamily. Anticipation rushes through my blood just thinking about it. Is it the pressure? Absolutely not. I convince myself. This is for me. Am I willing to take the risk? Were all those precautions just papers whisking away in the wind, mocking all those cursed with plaque of uncertainty? I know my answer. I have to turn my back on the temptation. I have to take one step away. Relief, replace the anticipation. The rain cloud over my head disappears. The temptation is chased.