Character Building Essay Not to Give Up – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Chana Leah Markowitz  Once up on a time there was a girl named Goldie. This is a fascinating story that happened to her in the summer time. Goldie is 14 years. She wanted to apply for a job at a certain day camp. She asked her parents to please get her an application so she can send it asap. A few days later she received the application. She was so excited. She quickly filled it out the entire thing and sent it in the next day. Within a week she got a letter telling her what day the interview was. The date was June 20. The time flew and it was time for her to go to the interview. She went to the interview with her heart pounding. She thought it went great, until after a month, she got a letter saying, “Sorry, but we already have a lot of counselors and there is no room.” Goldie was crying her heart out day and night. One day, Goldie decided she was going to try again at a different camp, a more fun camp. She sent in application and it went great just as she thought. She got a letter that they have a spot for her at day camp. From than on Goldie learnt to never ever give up and to keep trying for what you want.