Build Character of Overcoming Failure – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Daniel Braha   One day, I was with my friends. They all had penny boards. I said to myself, “That looks cool.” So, I asked my dad if I can have one and he said, “Yes.” I was so excited. All of my friends were outside my house with their skateboards. I rushed out the door to show my skateboard to them. We went riding. We started to ride and right away I fell off. From then on I knew, I wasn’t that good, because they were laughing at me. I thought about that and said to myself that if I tried I would be a great rider. So, I was practicing, but I couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. One time, I tried to put my feet n a different direction and the first thing I knew, I was riding. The next day, I was riding with my friends. I was doing great. After a few months went by I was the best rider.