Torah Perspective on Facebook

By Eddie Catton Facebook affects the quality of friendship. Instead of doing things with your real friends you are just on Facebook. When people get a lot of “Likes” they feel like they accomplished something. Instead of going on instagram, Facebook all day long, talk to your real friends and catch up with them instead.

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  1. i learned that social media is bad

  2. yes exactly talk to your real friends not the fake they are trying to bully or get things out of you

  3. nice job

  4. nice i really learned something from this

  5. wow this is really a great lesson to learn from

  6. i learnt from this story that facebook friends are not real

  7. eddie I completely agree with you facebook friends are very fake!

  8. wow i was so touched i just deleted facebook because of you thank you

  9. this is an amazing paragraph. i agree with you that facebook friends are fake

  10. nice job eddie

  11. you were good

  12. social media is ruining face to face conversations between kids teens and even adults.

  13. talk to your real friends not the ones on Facebook

  14. I learned that you should make real friends and you should treat your friend like you would treat yourself and dont be mean/

  15. i learned just from this that facebook can really effect a friendship and that people should go out and make real friends, not just facebook “friends.”

  16. don’t be connected to soicial medeia stop and go out with your freinds

  17. i learned from your story that you shoudnt be on face book all day you should be with your friends.

  18. I think you are right because friendship is important

  19. I think that is true and there is no point in really doing that because you do not get a real friend.

  20. Thats really true they always wanna get higher then the other people thats not cool nor funny there just wierdd when they do that

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