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Torah Values on Teamwork

By Marielle Marcos There is a shy girl in my class. She has a hidden talent of writing. I know that she spent so much time writing the play and making it the best. At the end of the play, when we introduced to the audience the people in the play, I took the writer of the play and introduced her. I announced that she wrote the whole play. Everyone was clapping for her. That day she was asked to write every play of the year. You should always compliments people with hidden talent because if you don’t they are never going to do what they are truly good at again.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Bette jane says:

    You should really encourage the people so that they could encourage themselves

  2. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned from this that I should help people with who they really are

  3. Judy Sitt says:

    I learned to believe in other people so they will believe in themslevs

  4. Patty shrem says:

    Love it!

  5. Eli Cohen says:

    I think that this story is a very good story with a mitzvah (helping).

  6. Yonatan Guy says:

    Don’t be shy!!Be happy.

  7. jennifer salzman says:

    I learned from this that it is important that people know who you actually are because it can affect you in the future.

  8. Rita Scaba says:

    share your talents and show them so you can get opportunities that come once in a lifetime

  9. From this I learned that if you never show what you are good at, you can never help because when somebody asks for help they won’t ask you because they don’t know you are good at it.

  10. leor yazdi says:

    I believe this is a wonderful story and shows how when shy people are encouraged they can show their true colors

  11. Ilene Sakkal says:

    Being nice to others is the key to success

  12. Michael Silverman says:

    We need to bring out the best in each other !! Keep up the great work Marielle !!!

  13. Jeanette Goldblatt says:

    Everyone should learn something from this story

  14. Mariele this such an amazing story you always teach me new things in life,LESSON LEARNED!

  15. Wow! Great lesson for every one to learn from and should never forget.
    So proud of you ……. My measure

  16. Awesome Marielle! Everyone should always have confidence In themselves and have the courage to show their talents!

  17. I love it!!

  18. Thats story is fantastic and is so true!! Well done!!

  19. Amazing!!

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