Torah Values on Overcoming Failure – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Breindy Ovitsh  Adina was a very good artist. She loved to draw. It was her life. When she was younger she took lessons and now she was an expert. After a few years she wanted to be in a big competition. She practiced so hard, until her art was perfect. Soon the big day arrived. Adina was very nervous. A flashback came back to her. She remembered that day, that very bad day. Her face turned red just thinking about it. She made a mistake, a very bad one. Her painting turned into a disaster. For many months she didn’t want anything to do with art. She was feeling very depressed, down and sad all at the same time. But now she wanted to face her fears and get stronger. Bring her goal to life. After the competition she was holding a big golden medal. She was a winner. She tried, she failed. She tried again, she won. Failure can’t stop you, be strong and win!