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By Yaakov Grunsfeld Social media kids all over the world are using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Kids are following and friending random people to look popular. It might look cool to pull a prank or act mischievously to fit it. When a kid feels he ranks low, he would want to do something silly and funny to fit in. Peer pressure comes out of all of this. Often, fake friends online make you act a certain way. This pushes you to be someone else. On social media, you try to please people who aren’t you. These aren’t your real friends who you could share problems with and feelings. Social media isn’t really friendship. In life you need a real friend, someone who will care for you, help you, give an advice and will lead you through the maze of life.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Freddie G. says:

    Beautiful. Almost cried. Really, knocked this one out of the park.
    Love from your siblings,
    Freddie, Hannah, and Norma

  2. Raphael ammar says:

    Very inspirational and I think your last sentence should be a real quote

  3. Marco habbouba says:

    wow i really learned something

  4. orit snadou says:

    this lesson is very important it teaches everybody a lesson it is very special to have friends and even more special to have the right ones find the right friend for you don’t take any of your friends for grantage because when you loose them its hard to get them back

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