Torah contest on Teamwork

By Gail Hafif In a play, the actors would have a better chance of having an amazing play if all the characters focused, even if they had one line, but said it with confidence, belief, voice, feeling and hope. That would make the play wonderful even if you didn’t have a spotlight. But the main actor should make it a point to recognize all the people who work behind the scene and make the play possible. He should say, “I am sorry you didn’t get so many parts, but if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have known when to start and what to say, so thank you.”


  1. Bette jane says:

    I learnt that you should be confident and not brag, but thank the people who help.

  2. I love the story I learned a lot from it

  3. its a story about how people only like people because of what they have and thats not nice

  4. Jack Levy says:

    I think that the star person in the play represents a leader in the play.

  5. sara jenani says:

    I love the story and I think you can learn a lot
    from it

  6. sophia malakh says:

    this teaches you a lot I like the story

  7. this is very interesting it will teach us a lot I like the story

  8. I highly agree on what your saying and mary should of noticed what was happening at the time and not reject her closest friend ,love gina

  9. Marco Balas says:

    We learn several valuble lessons from this passage. We learn the concept of unit cohesiveness regardless of each particular role. We also learn that ony the sum of the parts make up the whole which is sometimes forgotten in a large production.

  10. Great insight that every person counts no matter where his place in the world.

  11. This story is so inspiring, its teaches us a lot about jewish values on team work!! great article !!

  12. VICTORIA CHOAI says:

    We learn from Gail how to appreciate and thank those in the
    backround who make our lives better. it is not only those in the
    front whose acheivements are public and visible- those in the
    back make it happen!

  13. i learned from this inspiring passage that it doesn’t matter what role you get as long as your confident. also it shows that without the small parts there is no play or anything else.

  14. Sarit janani and natalie says:

    This teaches us alot this is very intresting we learn from this that it dosent matter if ur smart or not or populer

  15. Viva anava and Sarit Alfieh says:

    We learned from this passage that even though you don’t have the main role you are still important because you said it with confidence so it matters.

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