Team Building Story – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Leah Faena Everyone would want to be the captain so they could get a lot of credit. People don’t want to make banners because they don’t get so much attention for it after only 2 minutes of showing the banner. One time a girl wanted to help with the banners and other girls didn’t let her. At the end we lost point for it. When everyone helped each other do the banners and badges it came out very good because everyone had her own idea and putting all these different ideas together made us win.


  1. Maya attar and Sara jenani says:

    Maya:what I learned from this story is that people want to be the head if everything bit in the end they need help

  2. Paula said says:

    This story was really inspiring and ver nice I loved it a lot

  3. Always let people help you in your project because it will make them feel good

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