Stories That Build Courage – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Shoshana Dweck   Everyone has a goal that they want to achieve. Ruth has always dreamed of being a ballerina. She asked her mother if she can take ballet classes. Her mother signed her up. The day after her first ballet class, Ruth had bruises all over body, and skin tears on her feet. When she went to school, all of her friends made fun of the way she looked. They made fun of the fact that she took a ballet class. The next week, she forgot about her friends’ comments and the bruises that hurt, she danced her heart out. At the end of the course, when the Ballet show took place, she was the star of show. At the end of the show everyone complimented her about how wonderful she danced, including her friends. Never give up on your dreams. If you work hard enough, they will come true.


  1. Raphael ammar says:

    So true shoshana

  2. morris sutton says:

    nice job morris

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