Short Story How to Achieve Your Goal – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Arlette Cojab  Caroline glided onto the ice at her rink. Her friend Madison was right behind her. Caroline invited Madison because today was an important day. Today was the day Caroline would try an Axel jump in front of her ice skating instructor. An Axel jump is a jump where you push yourself off the ice, spin one and a half times in the air and land gracefully on one foot. You’re supposed to push off with your left foot and land on your right. Caroline had trouble with that, but she practiced a lot. She skated over to her instructor who was waving her over. “Go on, show me,” she said smiling. Caroline took a deep breath, she gained speed and jumped. The push didn’t give her enough speed. She fell. She was sad and started crying. She wasn’t hurt but she failed. She never wanted to skate again. The next lesson her instructor said, “Go on, jump.” Caroline stared at her, “Do you mean it? After the last time?” The instructor said, “Try.” Caroline gained speed, pushed off with the other foot this time. That did the trick, her turns were perfect, and her landing was smooth. She hugged her instructor. She did it. She finally did it.

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  1. Margo Kamin says:

    wow very interesting. learned a lot from this

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