Motivational Story on Honesty – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Marlena Cohen Joy has a test right after recess and she knows that Lucy already took the test. Joy walked up to Lucy and said, “Hey, what were the questions that were on the test?” Lucy knows why Joy asked, but she is not going to say because she knows it is wrong. But, what if Joy makes fun of her? What if she will be known as a loser from then on? Lucy was strong so she answered, “Look, I know why you are asking and I don’t think it’s a good idea.” “Why not, who cares? Just tell me the questions and then I will find the answers on my own.” “It’s cheating and I don’t cheat.” “You are such a goody-goody. But, whatever, I will just go ask someone else.” Lucy stared as Joy walked away. Her heart was beating from standing up to Joy. If only more of us would be able to stand up like that.