What you lose by playing it too safe – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Danielle Ammar  Fear. What is it? It’s that voice in your head that doesn’t want you to challenge yourself or doesn’t want you to be yourself. For example, anorexic people just get skinnier and skinnier. Why? Some people might ask how they can starve themselves when they were beautiful already and how can they keep getting skinnier. They’re skinny enough. These people are anorexic because of fear. Fear that they won’t be accepted by other people and the fear of being fat. After a while, that voice of fear will become their ‘friend’ and they won’t stop. Another example is when someone doesn’t like to tell “no” to others. After a while, people will use that person. She needs to learn to be able to say “no” and still be good friends. Fear is a lack of confidence. Everyone is insecure in some way but you need to find a way to grasp even a glimpse of confidence. Confidence means overcoming fear and that’s what you have to do.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine