Jewish Values on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Frieda Haber Our teacher announced that we were going to have a school play. Everyone was so excited. I wanted the main part. I knew I was going to get the main part. I’d make sure of it. The next day was the auditions. I was horrible, but I convinced our teacher to give me the part. When the parts were announced I saw Sarah crying. I felt so guilty. She was better than me, but I got the lead. Later, Jenny and I were designing the playbill, Jenny didn’t want to include that Evelyn wrote the whole play. I told her, “It’s not nice, if it wasn’t for her writing there wouldn’t be a play. If you don’t give her the credit she will never want to write again.” “Ok, fine.” she answered. “But, you did the same thing to Sarah. She deserved the part. Why didn’t you let her have it?” I realized that I was a hypocrite, so I gave Sarah my part.