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By Victor Fteha  One of my friends is Joshua. Joshua has all the qualities of a good friend, from sharing to honesty. When we play Xbox in his house, he lets me choose if we should play NHL or not. Another friend, Morris, teaches me how to play basketball. I’ve improved from his advice. Teddy lets me play football with him every day in recess. Even if I miss a couple of passes, he says, “Don’t worry!” He never lies to me about who is on the 3 way calling. That’s what makes someone a good friend.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Joyce shalom says:

    What is the makeup of a good friend

  2. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned that people that help you are a good friend not a bad one

  3. Esther naftali says:

    i learned from this story to always be a good friend and to never give up even if I’m not good at something to keep trying

  4. For the success of the soldiers in Israel:

    I hope you all come back safely so you can be with your families. Dont give up! You guys have done amazing and Be’ Ezrat Hashem we will win this war and mashiach will arrive and there will be peace and security around the world.

  5. I learned the lesson of how to be a trustworthy friend.

  6. Very well said some friends look trust worthy but are really not this is a nice way to show this lesson.

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