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Jewish Values on Friendship

By Tanya Bukai Sally was the most popular girl in school. She was always in the center of attention and everyone looked up to her. One day Mary, who was not very popular, came in with a beautiful golden set of jewelry. It included a bracelet, watch, ring and a necklace. When everyone saw it, they ran up to her and asked her lots of questions about it. Everyone gave her so many complements, including her best friend Celia. At recess, Celia made her way through the crowd that was around Mary and asked her if she wanted to play jump rope like they always do. Everyone told her not to play because she might dirty her jewelry. Celia walked away sadly and played by herself. The next day, Mary came to school without her jewelry. She thought that, since everyone was her friend, she wouldn’t need the jewelry anymore. Everyone asked her where her jewelry was. She told them she didn’t wear it today. Everyone just walked away. Everyone, except for Celia. Mary kept asking Celia why nobody was her friend anymore. Celia told her that they weren’t her real friends. They were only being her friends because they liked her jewelry. Celia gave Mary a big hug.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Bette jane says:

    Wearing jewelry isn’t the real way to make friends being nice is

  2. nancy toussie says:

    i learned that you should not bring in somthing cool to school because everyone would get jellous and try to make it dirty or break it thats why you should not bring it to school even thogh you are not popular

  3. Brenda Sardar says:

    I learned to not bring jewelry to school because everyone is gonna crowd you and if the next day you don’t bring it they won’t like you

  4. Nicole abramson says:

    I learned not to use people just be their friend for who they are! Because i would

  5. max shalom says:

    determine who are your real Friends!

  6. I like this story because its about friendship and it teaches to help others I love this story

  7. Dina Serieh says:

    I learned to be nice and be everyones friend

  8. This story teaches a great lesson about not forgetting who you’re real friends are even if you become popular

  9. Great lesson that it’s better to have one true friend than 10 fake friends.

  10. This story teaches a great lesson about not forgetting who you’re real friends are even if you become popular

  11. I love it! It shows how true friends are always there through thick and thin!

  12. Great story! Teaches you about true friendship!

  13. great story!! very inspiring lesson!

  14. Esther Bukai says:

    I think people shouldn’t like a person just because about wat there wearing. Great lesson!!

  15. Esther Bukai says:

    I think this was a great lesson!!

  16. This is a great story that shows how true friends are always there for you, especially when you need them.

  17. Victor Bukai says:

    This is a nice, touching story about true friendship .

  18. Freeda bukai says:

    I think Tanya’s story teaches a great lesson that true friends like you for who you are not what you have . I love it!

  19. sarajenani says:

    i liked this story bec she found her true friend even when all the popular girls wer next to her she still asked her if she wants to play jumprope

  20. Dont wear jewelry to school because if you weren’t as popular in one minute you’ll become popular and when you dont wear the jewelry you’ll become just as before

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