Jewish Values on Being Positive – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Reena Shilian Chava wakes up every morning thinking that she will never survive with her annoying brother, David. David ruins things, breaks her toys and picks on her. One day, when Chava came home, she found out that her birthday present was missing. Without thinking twice, she stomped into David’s room and started shouting at him. Then she went to her mother and started telling on David. Her mother told her that she heard that someone who didn’t have much money needed a gift for her daughter who was the same age as Chava. Chava’s mother planned to buy a gift and give it to the lady. But, she told her that she needed it as soon as possible. Chava’s mother decided that she will give Chava’s birthday present that was brand new. She thought that she will buy an even better present for Chava. Chava learned that just because she has an annoying brother that doesn’t mean that he does whatever happened to be a mystery. And, besides, her brother, David, might have other qualities that can be beneficial to her.