Jewish Values on Anger Management – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Vicki Swed If you ask your friend for a snack and she says, “No.” Then someone else asks her and she says, “Yes.” You have to control your anger and think maybe there is a good reason. Maybe, once, she asked you and you said, “No” or she owes to that girl. People will like you if you have the ability to control your anger.


  1. Jack Torkieh says:

    Well said

  2. jenny torkieh says:

    Dear Vicki

    Absolutely right you need always to control your anger with people. There is always a good reason for everything you should never get upset it is not worth it. Well Said

  3. Meyer swed says:

    In pereki avot rav yehoshua Ben perachia, the nasi of his time, said “veheve dan et kol adam be’chaf zechut” one should make it their habit to judge everyone favorably, this is a mida of chasidut, and someone who acts within the framework of chesed hashem will shower onto them chesed.

  4. Hard to do but very important!

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