Jewish Stories to Build Persistence – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sophia Kastika Sarah’s goal is to become a fashion designer. She designed a dress for her friend, but her friend didn’t like it. Sarah didn’t want to be a fashion designer anymore, but her mom talked her into trying again. While she was making the dress she thought of her mom’s words, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again.” She finished making the dress. She gave it to her friend. And her friend loved it.


  1. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned from this story that even if your friend does not like it in the BEGINNING you should finish what you started and give it to them and you will see what there opinion is!!

  2. Shelly said says:

    I love the story

  3. I learned about this story is that to never give up

  4. Linda jinani says:

    That you should never give up keep on trying harder and harder

  5. eden yatcha says:

    never give up just try and try until you get it right

  6. julie kabariti says:

    that never give up on your dreams

  7. dinahchaznow says:

    shyerlle, I know how you feel. also me I get laugh at like people think I’m a phony I know I talk weird but I think I talk beautifully

  8. sarah chalouh says:

    I learn from you that aslo we should remember our mother words

  9. sarah chalouh says:

    I learned from you that we should never give up

  10. sarajenani says:

    I learned from this to never give up and keep trying

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