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Jewish Values on Friendship

By Michelle Saka One day, Jacqueline was getting bullied a lot. When Shelly was eating her snack she suddenly paused and said, “Stop.” Shelly walked down the street with Jacqueline. As they were walking Jacqueline said, “Boy am I hungry.” “Well, here, I have some money,” said Shelly. “Let’s go to the ice cream truck, its right by the playground.” “Ok,” Jacqueline replied. The next day Shelly was very hungry and she had no money for any food. “Jacqueline, can I please have some snack?” “No! NO! NO!” replied Jacqueline. “Why not? I gave you yesterday,” replied Shelly. “Well, no,” insisted Jacqueline. Shelly was thinking to herself, “Wow, I can’t believe that she used me like that. Shelly started to cry.


  1. Bette jane says:

    Be careful with who you are friends with and why you are friends with them

  2. Danielle Dweck says:

    I learned never to use somebody because in the story Shelly bought Jacqueline ice cream because Jacqueline didn’t have money for lunch and the next day when Shelly didn’t have money for lunch Jacqueline said no

  3. Dina Serieh says:

    Share with everyone

  4. Terri doueck says:

    I learned that you should never not pay someone back and to never ever take revenge

  5. Allison saka says:

    Don’t take revenge

  6. Terri saka says:

    Be care full on who you trust

  7. Brenda saka says:

    Always share

  8. Jeffrey saka says:

    Amazing story everyone should always pay back each other even if they don’t like eachother

  9. Judy Sitt says:

    i learned to be careful who you trust.

  10. Sarah levy says:

    I learned to share because u never know when it will come back to u

  11. Hersel Chomali says:

    You should always stand up for somebody

  12. U could make a story on this its so good

  13. nicole dror says:

    oh my gosh. I really like this story it inspired me a lot, thank you.

  14. Charles Saka says:

    I feel so bad Don’t worry there are better friends out there.

  15. The lesson I learned was that never take revenge

  16. Lorraine Betesh says:

    Always be nice!!!!!

  17. Juliette tordjman says:

    Never not pay back

  18. Juliette tordjman says:

    It’s such a greAt story I could read it over again I learned to always share

  19. Always pay back

  20. Never be mean to people always be nice

  21. Michelle saka says:

    Always share your snack and money

  22. Madison Mark says:

    you should always be nice to people

  23. juliette saka says:

    i learned to always share with people

  24. juliette saka says:

    i learned that you should always share with people

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