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By Evelyn Tebele A good friend is a friend who is always there for you. Someone I know was being teased by a group of mean girls. She needed someone to be there for her. Her friend stood up for her and told them to stop being mean to her. Even though the girl was very shy, she stood up for her friend because she loved her friend and couldn’t just sit there and watch her true friend be teased. That showed that she was there for her and she was willing to take the heat for her friend. That’s why they are really true friends because, if she was just using her, she wouldn’t care about her as much as she does.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned from this story that a good friend is a person that is always there for you

  2. sari kassin says:

    this is a beautiful story i will do that even if everyone is looking and im very shy

  3. corine elbaz says:

    a good friend stays by there friends back

  4. michelle ryba says:

    being a good friend isn’t giving people things it’s being there for them and standing up to them.

  5. Maya attar and Sara jenani says:

    Sara:I liked that story because she didn’t let her give up about finding her jacket she kept trying and she would do anything for her friend

    Maya: in this story it’s showing me that friends would do anything to help each other

  6. Abe Massry says:

    A wonderful story that we all can learn from. The Torah principle to love your fellow jew as yourself is what we can learn from this story. Children should be more sensitive to the feelings of their friends.

  7. Abe tebele says:

    This story demonstrates clearly the value of loyalty among friends. The fact that a friend stands up for what’s right means everything.

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