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Stories to Build Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Nissim Khafif A good friend is someone who cares about you. He wants you to come over. He is loyal and honest. A bad friend is someone who hurts you; someone who is a sketch friend. He only wants your answers for the test but, right after the test, doesn’t even talk to you.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Bette jane says:

    It’s not nice to be a friend for one time and leave him for the next time

  2. nancy toussie says:

    it happend to me i felt hurt and it is still happening today a girl in my class said that i run slow because we where playing tag and i couldnt tag anyone i was crying everyone asked what happend you dont know what happened to me in kindegarten all the girls in my class where bullying me i dont have much freinds now

  3. nancy toussie says:

    i learned that a good freind cares about you and a bad freind hurts you now i know who is a freind or not

  4. Brenda Sardar says:

    I think it’s very interesting

  5. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned from this that how I know who is a true friend or a fake one

  6. joyce khafif says:

    This is very good advice because a lot of people are getting hurt by there best friends by using them and its not nice seeing your best friend breaking to pieces jut because your using them. Very nice Nissim!

  7. Shelly said says:

    I think that this is very interesting

  8. Dina Serieh says:

    Be nice to everyone so they could be nice to you

  9. Dina Serieh says:

    This teached me to have true friend

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good job. Really very interesting. And SO TRUE!!

  11. There are many qualities of good/bad friends and these are some good ones

  12. Judy Sitt says:

    i learned what a good friend is

  13. Yonatan Guy says:

    don’t give that “sketch” friend answers to that test!!

  14. Maurice pardes says:

    don’t use somebody if u want to be someones friend be there friend but dont go use that person

  15. paula said says:

    i thought this was a really interesting and very learning ful thing i thought it was amazing WOW!!!!

  16. eden yatcha says:

    never use a friend for a test

  17. This essay makes it sound so simple but it’s really very hard to tell the difference between good friends and bad friends and reading this really helps

  18. that is so sweet and touching and true that happened to me I realized everyone in my class was just using me because my dad has a store and he sells lots of chips and candy and drinks and everyone was just using me so then I realized my best friend was using me and now we are not friends I hope that ,only happened once to it happened to over 100,000.000 times I was so stupid

  19. Nissim khafif says:

    The last part about giving the answers to the test and not being your friend is so true

  20. Very nice well explained

  21. Norma Chazanoff says:

    I loved this article very much. It described how good friends can be an asset in your life and bad friends can bring you down a bad road.

  22. Really shows the difference between good friends and bad friends

  23. I like it because there is a few different examples and they are all correct

  24. There is a really big difference between good friends and bad friends

  25. leon levy says:

    Great job, Nissim, so True.
    Good friends are so great to have.

  26. It’s great to be able to tell the difference bet good and bad friends. Someone who hurts you is for sure NOT. Good friend.

  27. Teaches you how a good friendship is very important

  28. Nice explanation of a good friend

  29. Very nice good lesson a reliable friend is always good to have

  30. A good friend will never let you down

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