Jewish Stories to Build Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Isaac Gindi  A sign of a good friend is someone who plays with you and doesn’t leave you out. One time, my friend came over to my house to play football and we had a good time. At school we played football in passes and I fell. He helped me up. I had little cuts so he took me to the nurse. Turned out I broke my arm. The next day in school, he signed my cast and said, “Everything will be alright.” I couldn’t write so he offered to write for me. When I finally got my cast off, he told me, “I told you everything is going to be ok.”


  1. Brenda Sardar says:

    I learned that a good friend is when you fall down they will help you get up and take you to the nurse

  2. nancy toussie says:

    that freind is really nice i wish i had that freind i learned that if someone gets hurt i should help them

  3. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned from this story that you should never ever leave anyone out

  4. Gabi Chammah says:

    A friend in need is a friend in deed !

  5. This is a exsample of a true friend

  6. This really helps a person see the difference between which friends are true and which are not

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