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By Betty Ghgonoja  I remember when I broke my finger. It was on a Saturday night. My finger looked like a mountain. But, I knew that this is what Hashem wants. When I got to the hospital, I went into the emergency room. I realized that there are a lot of people who were there, too, and Hashem also wanted them there. So, when I was waiting for my turn, I saw a mom come in and something was wrong with her son. He was breathing funny. When they let him go before me, I thought in my head, “Baruch Hashem, my situation isn’t that serious.” After everything was happy with the results, my finger got fixed.


  1. that was a great story betty I learned a lot from this story

  2. I learned 2 things
    1: is hashem does everything he controls the world and he makes people in pain and people healthy
    2:is even though you think you are in soo much pain it but you should realize someone else is in even more pain

  3. julie kabariti says:

    what hasham wonts to happen is the best

  4. Miss Grinblat says:

    We must realize that everything that happens to us is really good. Many times, we don’t see it, but sometimes we are lucky enough to see worse and then we have proper appreciation for what we have.

  5. I learnt that even though you think you are in so much pain but just realize someone is in even more pain

  6. olga khalifie says:

    you did the wright thing

  7. sarajenani says:

    I learned from this that you should be happy with wat u have

  8. Diana orgel says:

    I learned from this that everyone has a talent

  9. Marci sutton says:

    I learnt from this that hashem does everything for a reason

  10. Wow thats a really good story betty

  11. From this story ive learned that its better to appreciate what you have because people could have worse situations.

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