Jewish Moral Values on Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Moshe Lati  In order to live a happy life you need to be successful. Successful is when someone who had an embarrassing moment or experience in their life, but is still trying, someone who is no giving up. Who forgets about the past and starts fresh, a person who learns from his mistakes and tries again the second time, with confidence. For example, Sara has a goal to be a singer. She believed that she will be a good singer. But, when she was performing she saw so many people staring at her. She forgot the song. But did she give up? No. Later on there was another performance. She learned the song and learned from her mistakes. She started fresh, new and was confident in herself. That’s what I call a winner – a person who keeps on pushing and pushing until they get it right, a person who gets up when she falls.

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