Jewish Ethics on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Rosie Edelman Leah was having a math test the next day. She was doing poorly in math. She called up one girl, Tamar, who is great in math. She didn’t really like Tamar, but if she wanted to get 100 then she had no choice. Leah studied all night on the phone with Tamar. She got 100 on the test. In a week from the math test, they were having a Chumash test. Since the math test, Leah was giving Tamar snacks and playing with her in recess. When it came to the Chumash test, they stayed on the phone and studied. A few months went by and summer camp was starting. Tamar asked Leah if she wanted to sign up to be in camp with her and hang out during summer. Leah’s response was not a all what Tamar expected. She said she would rather eat mud then hang out with Tamar. Tamar couldn’t believe what Leah said. That was not a true friend.