Jewish Values on Facebook– CLICK TO COMMENT

By Morris Sutton Social media has many pros and cons just like most things in life. Social media has corrupted many minds. For example, it can boost our morale and self confidence but not in a real and true way. Yet, it manipulates our brains into thinking we’re all that. But, in reality, we are not. Social media allows us to conceal our true selves and become someone we’re really not. We control what we put out there. Why should we live in a world of an imaginary and fake life? Yes, we get a few friends or likes on social media. Be honest! It feels good. But, it’s not anything we invest in so we can lose it all in a minute. We are blinding ourselves to see true connections and effort.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Raphael ammar says:

    Be yourself if not it won’t be a good thing

  2. Marco habbouba says:

    nice job

  3. true

  4. Jakey Tawil says:

    Wow Momo!! You are completely correct I learned alot

  5. Nice

  6. Elie sutton says:

    Be yourself

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