Inspirational Story on Being Reliable – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Melissa Dweck Some may say that a friend is the one who tells you if you look nice or the one who cheers you up when you are sad. But, that’s wrong. There is so much more to a friendship than that. There is a special honesty that there is. Honesty is not only the truth but it’s the complete truth, even if it’s painful. That is because if there is not honesty between friends, the friendship is not true. Reliability is another very important quality in a friend because without it you really won’t be able to get that same spark you get in a friendship. I would like to highlight the quality of reliability for my story.
It was a cold winter day and I got up and went off to school. I walked into homeroom and sat down next to a group of people that were clustered in a huddle and talking. I overheard that they are going to have a party with their dance studio that my friend goes to that I don’t. I knew I wasn’t invited but, either way, I was a little upset. I didn’t know whether it was that my friend was going without me or the fact that I was the only one that wasn’t going. I knew that my friend would want me there and that’s why she is a true friend to me! I was in m y room that night and while the party was supposed to be going on, I heard my cell phone ring. It was my friend saying that she is 3 minutes away from my house with a DVD to watch and pizza to eat. That’s the true meaning of friendship.