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By Esti Samel “My birthday is in only three more weeks!” screamed Chavi. “And this year my birthday party is going to be the best!” she boasted. “We’re going to go bowling and get ice cream,” Chavi exclaimed in joy. Aliza, on the other hand, really wanted to be invited. So, she decided on a plan. The next morning, she came to school and went over to Chavi. “Oh, how pretty you look,” she said. Then, by recess, she came over to her and offered her snack. This went on for two weeks. Now, it was a week before Chavi’s birthday and she was giving out the invitations. Everyone was eyeing whoever got invited. Finally, she passed by Aliza and slipped an envelope on her desk. “Phew,” all of her hard work was for something. The day of the party came and Aliza was really excited. She went to the bowling ally. There were balloons and streamers all over the place. When the party was over, Aliza went home. A few months later, when Aliza made a party, she didn’t even invite Chavi. She wasn’t Chavi’s friend anymore.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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  1. you should only invite people you trust

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