Inspirational Essay on Positive Attitude – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Hudis Hoch Lea stepped out of the house into the streaming sunlight. She needed a break. Chani was getting on her nerves again. Lea hated sharing a room with her sister. She sat down on a chair and wondered, as she did everyday, why Chani was so annoying. The problem was Lea was a perfectionist and Chani was, well, a mess. Her stuff was scattered all over the room. Her bed unmade. Lea sighed and went back into the house. She opened the door to her room and blinked a few times. She always did that because she always wondered how such a neat freak like her could live in such a place. Chani popped out from under the mess. “Hi Lea,” she said with her charming smile. Lea was about to lash out at her sister about the messy room but something on her neat clean bed caught her eye. It was a box wrapped in bright wrapping paper. “What’s this?” Lea asked Chani. “Oh, that’s from me, Lea. It’s because I feel bad that I’m such a mess.” As soon as Chani finished speaking, Lea realized something. This situation wasn’t going anywhere. She couldn’t change Chani’s personality. “Chani, “she said. “Let’s make a deal. You try to be a little neater and I’ll try to deal with the mess a little better.”