Inspiration Story on Being Positive – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Adina Pool Imagine coming home from school one day. It wasn’t really the best day. You left your snack at home and you forgot to do your homework, etc. As soon as you get home you run to the snack cabinet to get your favorite snack bag that you got from your friend for purim Mishloach Manot. You check the cabinet, you can’t find it. You turn the house up side down looking for it. Slam! You hear the door shut expecting that it’s going to be your mother. You run to the door complaining how you can’t find your favorite snack bag but when you get to the door you realize it’s not your mother. It’s your younger sister. Suddenly you remember your sister complaining to you the other day about how much she wanted your snack and, of course, you said, “No, it ‘s mine.” After that mini flashback, you start screaming at your younger sister and after your whole mean speech, your sister runs to her room and starts crying. Of course, you don’t run after her. You decided to go back to the cabinet and check one more time. You are about to give up looking. When, all of a sudden, you see a little piece sticking out. Yay! You see your favorite snack, “Hot Chips”.
Now, do you think that your sister deserved getting screamed at for something she didn’t even do? And even if she did deserve it, do you think a snack is going to give you real happiness? Well, it may, for a few minutes. But, then, the snack bag will be done. Well, if there is one thing I have to tell you, it’s that family is happiness not some materialistic thing that won’t last.