From the Torah on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Eileen Franco “Jennifer,” Sarah screamed from across the room. “I love your jacket. It is so cool.” “Thanks. It’s new,” Jennifer answered. “It’s awesome. So, you know my birthday is coming up, right.” “Really?” “Yeah. So what are you going to get me?” Sarah said excitedly. “Well, what do you want?” “That jacket would be nice,” Sarah answered with a smile from ear to ear. “Well, it was expensive and my mom…” “So, you’ll get it for me? Thanks sooo much. You are my best friend ever.” Jennifer went home very happy that Sarah called her her best friend. She asked her mom where she got that jacket. “Why do you need to know?” Jennifer’s mom asked. “Well, it’s Sarah’s birthday soon and she wants a jacket like this one.” Jennifer’s mom talked to Jennifer and made her realize that Sarah wasn’t a true friend. She was just using her to get her that jacket. The next day, Jennifer didn’t talk to Sarah. She made a new friend instead.