From the Torah on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Michael Kameo A good friend will give me food, play with me during recess. A bad friend would use me for my stuff. A good friend won’t push my buttons, won’t talk behind me back. He would congratulate me when I win and won’t steal my ideas. A good friend would listen to me. We need good friends because it’s not only about gadgets, it’s who you hang out with that matters.


  1. Liat Benattar says:

    I highly agree with this passage. What are real friends and what are fake friends? Being sorrounded with fake friends blinds us from what’s really important. It’s hard to find someone real when you only have fake people. Keep your eyes open to what’s really in front of you. Love love this passage. Keep it up

  2. I learned that good friends are nice to you and be nice to you

  3. fridaalhalabi says:

    a friend is when someone cares about you and they like you for the way you are they dont care if you are rich or \even poor they like you the way you are.

  4. This lesson teaches us what real friends are for! Real friends mean a lot to someone it can change a life and u always need real friends by your side

  5. This lesson teaches a person what a real friend really is it matter a lot in some one life and You really need real friend by your side all the time

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