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Character Building Stories on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Victor Sardar A good friend and a bad friend are totally different. Good friends are people who are nice. One time, I went to my cousin. We went together to our friends. I am not as good of a sports player as other kids. They let only the best kids play. My cousin was part of them and I wasn’t. He was so nice to me. He wasn’t playing because I wasn’t playing. A bad friend is a person who, when he sees people he knows, he starts acting not like himself. One time, I was in the park with my friend. He was acting all cool around the cool kids and left me behind. That’s when I knew he was a bad friend. People use each other to fit in. People want to be like other people so much that they end up being mean towards others.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned from this that you should always be a good friend, not a bad one

  2. Esther naftali says:

    i learned from this story that u shouldn’t be a bad friend because if u are no one is gonna want to be your friend and u should be a good friend so everyone would like u and no one would feel left out

  3. It’s a great very hard to find real friend but to have one real friend better than 10 fake

  4. Very important message

  5. victor sardar says:

    This story is great. I learned that treating ur friends is very important.
    The friends in the story demonstrate wat a good friend is and wat a bad friend is.

  6. albert kassab says:

    good story learned about good and bad friends we learn that to be a good friend you have to be jice to people .

  7. That is whole hearted hessed

  8. that make sure you only have good friends because bad friends don’t really care about you

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