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By Coral Cohen – Saban Maybe in school you don’t have so many friends so you would think that on instagram or Facebook and twitter you could change your whole personality based on what people like and don’t like. The difference between real friendship and fake friendship is that real friendship is to have a real connection with someone who you could really talk to.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. raphael ammar says:

    a fake friendship makes other kinds think your cool and then they will join you but they are still fake don’t make fake friends

  2. allegra timsit says:

    i learnt the diffrence between real friends and fake. people wtry to find friends on instagram or facebook.

  3. i learnt that people find real friends in the real l world not on social media

  4. allegra timsit says:

    i learnt that people refure to instagram or facebook to find “fake” friends, but real friends are people not just on social media

  5. This is soooo good coral superb!! Keep it up

  6. I learned how social media affects people

  7. I learned how social media can affect you

  8. Me and Roberta loved this story it awesome and so are you it’s a great lesson and very true

  9. Sarah gammal says:

    I agree a real friend would make plans with you and be nice to you. If someone wanted a friend they just have to try and make one not change their personality on Instagram or Facebook!

  10. That is very bad none should do it. I hope Instagram gets better

  11. Sarah Turkieh says:

    Coral this is a great writing! I enjoy your writing and I agree with you! Keep it up!

    – karen

  12. THis is very good. I agree with your story most people don’t understand this is really good!

  13. Mimi levy says:

    So true.

  14. Rochelle Dweck says:

    Coral I agree

  15. vicky latifeh says:

    thre was a girl who posted something on instagram a person made fun of her that person pretented to like her but he didnt thats why u should make people feel good

  16. A friendship is not based on a like on Instagram or twitter. A friend is a person that will be there for you in the good and bad.

  17. sharon cohen saban says:

    thats a good leson sometimes people are not really your friend sometimes there just using you

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