Examples of Courage for Kids – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Joe Zakaria  Five seconds left in the basketball game, they’re down by one. And he got the ball. The pressure was all on him. But he drove to the basket and he missed the easy lay up. He was devastated. His teammates were mad at him. He left the court with disappointment. His parents gave him a pat on the back and said, “You’ll get it next time.” But he was very upset. He was thinking about quitting the team. The next game, his teammates passed him the ball and he shot it and scored. His teammates gave him a pat on the back. He started to feel confident again. Later, there was ten seconds left in the game and they were down by one. Again he got the ball. He was nervous at first, but then he said, “I can do it.” After nine seconds he scored. He was so happy. His teammates all said to him Good job! You did it! After that moment, he never gave up again.


  1. moses smeke says:

    i learned that if you miss the buzzer or the easiest layup you shouldn’t be embarrased you will get it next time

  2. Margo Kamin says:

    wow very interesting. learned a lot from this

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