Develop Character of Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Frieda Haber   One day, I decided to start losing weight. I told my mom I want to start eating healthy and exercising. She told me it’s not easy and that I will have to work hard. I thought about it and decided, no matter what, I am going to achieve my goal. I started researching about healthy eating. I got a lot of information and was excited to begin. The next day, I jogged for an hour. My mom made a healthy dinner. It went this way for two weeks. And I saw the results. I realized that I’m, doing it. I am achieving my goal. But I was wrong, because the week of finals came and I was so overwhelmed that I said that’s it; I have to stop. When I didn’t go for my daily jog and my mom asked me why, I told her, “I can’t. This is too hard.” My mom told me not to give up because Hashem is on my side. He will help me through it. My mom gave me courage and I kept continuing reaching my goal. Now, I am continuing to eat healthy and exercise and go though this struggle everyday. But, I overcome it.